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Skateboard reviews

Skateboards You Should Avoid in 2018

31 Mar 18
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Today I am going to shed light on a very interesting topic which is especially helpful for people looking out for the best skateboard for beginners or the best skateboards generally. We will also approach this topic in a very unique manner, as I will be telling you guys about the kinds of skateboards that you should avoid if you are looking for the best skateboards for beginners in 2018. Okay, so let us cut to the chase and dive right in!

It is also important to talk about skateboard trucks here. Trucks are the metal pieces that hold the wheels and connect them to your deck… Again, you don’t have to worry about the brand, but you should buy a pair of trucks that are the same width as your deck. To attach the trucks to the deck you’ll need to buy a set of 8 nuts and 8 bolts which are sold separately. Now it’s time to get a set of wheels. Wheels differ from each other by hardness and size.

When you’re starting out I’d, recommend getting something between 99a and 101a durometer and either 52 or 54 millimeters wide.. Ok! So now that you have wheels, you also need to buy a set of 8 bearings. Bearings are inserted into each wheel to allow them to spin effortlessly around the axles of your trucks.. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on bearings when you’re a beginner, so just get something inexpensive and you should be fine.. Remember you can always upgrade them. Later., OK, so the last thing you might need to get is a pair of risers to put in between your trucks and your deck so that your wheels don’t come into contact with your deck whenever you lean it to one side. Alright. So now that we got all the parts, let me show you how to put everything together.. The main tools you’re going to need are a razor blade, either a phillips head, screwdriver or alien wrench.

Depending on what type of bolts you bought to attach your trucks to the deck and a wrench set or a skate tool. A couple of other tools that would be nice to have are a metal file and a hole, boring tool.. Let’s start by applying the grip tape to the deck., I like to just peel off the backing all at once and position the grip tape over the deck so that it overlaps a little bit on all sides.. Once you’re satisfied with the positioning press it down firmly with your hands
I’m doing the kinds of skateboards that beginners should avoid because I think your beginner experience is very important in your skateboard life and it should not be ruined by anything of this sort, guys. Now, I will give you the reasons and situations in which these skateboards actually do make more sense. If you are starting out as a beginner, my advice is to watch out for the “penny flash blow board” because it’s plastic and there are very few people who can pull off the trick of skateboarding on this one. Now let me clear one thing for you, I do not mean to say that this board itself is not good, it is just that some skateboards and longboards are suitable for certain situations. The penny board is a very fun, portable skateboard in situations like traveling but it certainly is not the best skateboard for beginners or the best skateboard for tricks (especially if you are a beginner). But when it comes to learning tricks, I’ve had a lot of people actually ask me if they can learn tricks on penny but to learn a kickflip on a penny board is a hundred times harder than learning it on a normal popsicle shaped board.

The second one is the, Popsicle shaped board, guys. Basically, it is just the standard shape for skateboards and so if you are here looking for portability, easy access and just cruising, this board is awesome, but if you’re trying to go to skate parks and learn tricks it is not ideal. These are two completely different worlds! Okay so this is it for today guys. I hope you all know what to avoid now!

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Ten most Important facts about Air Fryers

29 Mar 18
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Air Fryer is not a fascinating device that expeditiously makes the oily and less nutritious foods, nutritive for us, yet, it will assist us in using up healthier modes of our suggested and selected oily food.

  • An air fryer is a useful and functional kitchen appliance that have many benefits, especially it is beneficial for those who love fried food. As, it prepares the fried food easily with less fat.
  • These kitchen appliances are a secure solution as they do not need a pan suffused with oil to prepare or make food and meals with a fried texture.
  • One must buy air fryers because they are quite easy to use and very easy to manage and maintain. It is quite acceptable to have air fryers as operates by flowing the hot air. Hence, the meal is cooked using hot air, moreover, it offer its users the same taste of meals as of the foods fried in a pan with plenty of oil.
  • The good thing about air fryers is that it does not consume oil that prevents those greasy spots on plates. Whereas a little amount of oil can be used in air fryer. But when one use oil, he should put oil directly to the meal rather than stuffing the pan of air fryer with a plash of oil, as this might damage the appliance. Mostly people like the concept of consuming a healthier form of usually fattening meals.
  • Good health is indeed a blessing and everyone wants to eat healthy foods in order to stay healthy and to reduce extra fats. In that case, an air fryer is a best way to cut down a large chunk of fats without sacrificing on favorite foods. It only requites hot air which cooks the food, it don’t need any supplementary or accessory calories that foods drenched in oil can add.
  • Air fryers have a special technique of air circulation by which the unwanted hot air goes out of the appliance, thus the air keeps on circulating and the food gets cooked. It cooks all the ingredients of food from every degree and all angles without oil. Eventually, producing or cooking healthier and nutritious foods than most fryers and also it prevents us from that undesirable and nonessential odor of the fried meals in the kitchen.
  • The air fryer is a highly advisable appliance and is best for those who start a diet plan. It is also advisable or suggested for the people who have quite busy schedule or those who are constantly on the go. Determining whether investing money on the air fryer is worth it or not, is all up to the user or the buyer.
  • Air fryers are kitchen friendly appliance. There are enormous benefits of air fryers. As they prepare food easily with great taste
  • Best Air fryers have automatic timer feature which automatically turns off the appliance, once the food is cooked, making more ease and comfort for the user.
  • Air fryers prepare food very rapidly and quite easily. One is required to do is, only to set up the suitable temperature for heating the food. It works as a mini oven.
Veon logo

Will VEON dominate the market of Asia?

29 Mar 18
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The consumers in the market are facilitated with something really amazing by the global communication. This application has a new vision of transforming the whole world of communication and a revolution will be brought. This is an exciting and new application with perfect vision for future. The telecom industry is not performing really great over the past few years and this thing is transformed by the invention of VEON application. This app has completely transformed the concept of communication for the consumers, especially in the business market.

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This is an amazing platform for business people to communicate. This allows businesses to share and communicate their important details and socialize in an entirely new manner. This has totally transformed the concept of business communication. Business on twitter is a field where a lot of communication takes place and a personalized service will be great. This offers a completely new and amazing platform for business communities.

Partnership with other platforms

VEON has an amazing partnership network with many successful networks working online that its users are increasing. On Black Friday, it has this great partnership with Daraz that offered a lot of discounts for the users using it through VEON. An additional discount was offered and many offers were particularly meant for VEON users to facilitate them. This sale was best for people who were up to buying tech items especially cell phones and LEDs. All things were offered at exceptionally low rates. Other than Daraz, VEON has also partnered with Mastercard, Studio+, Deezer and many other such companies to attract more customers. The partnership with both the international as well as local brands is done to approach consumers.


This company has transformed from a telecommunication company to a technological company. They have realized the gap in the market and the way of communication is changed for customers. People like to communicate through the use of a unique opportunity and VEON has stepped into a new market with the forward-thinking approach. Entirely personalized and new services are offered on this platform. The artificial intelligence is used to have control over the user and data analytics are used to make it a better system.

What’s different?

The mobile operators offer a lot of new things after every few days. Some of those things are successful while some are not. The drive and motivation of doing something new and different make people discover new and innovative things. So, VEON application is also different from all the other ones because it’s launched in the market with proper background research.

A better relationship is formed with the consumers by having an efficient data analytics system just like add twitter followers from This is not like any other way of getting profit, but a new system of building better relationships. This is a social application that is a live example of efficiency. This happens because there is no need for the customer to get expensive bits of help from the call centers in case of any problem. 

Jack Ma

Jack MA Vs. Bill Gates: Who is wise for better business

29 Mar 18
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The world of entrepreneurs is full of many capable individuals who have a number of valuable skills. It is not worth it to measure them about the type of skills they have or how they run their business, the key feature is that they earn a lot of profit and that’s the only thing that matters, or at least their performance is judged by this parameter. You can also increase your business performance if you buy instagram followers cheap $1 and keep contributing on social media. The billionaires like Bill Gates and Jack MA are super rich and they earn millions in a matter of hours. the richest man in the world is still Bill Gates and he is working since a long time ago in this market.


The sense of responsibility is really important for an entrepreneur. Money is also a responsibility to carry and reinvest. Keeping an eye on the stats, Gill Gates is richer so he has more responsibility of keeping up with the pace. However, Jack MA is a really responsible person and this is shown by his life story. He earned just 20 dollars in a month when he graduated and now he is a billionaire. Carrying out a business is really an important responsibility and it should be managed properly because there are millions of people out there who have put their trust on the person and the pressure of keeping up with that is quite a lot.


Both Jack and Bill Gates belong to a family where their fathers were not millionaires when they were born. It is their dedication and hard work that lead them to be the richest people in the world. In the world of business, connections are really important but both these individuals have worked a lot to get their positions. All the success is just because the customers trust them and like to buy their products because they are worth paying money for. Therefore it is recommended to buy instagram followers cheap from FollowersIn to increase your connections.

Investment in youth

Bill Gates, as well as Jack MA, invests their money in the development of youth. They know the importance of innovation and how the initiative was taken today will be helpful to have a better future. These people have the tendency and potential to make this world a much better place and this is only because of the business mind. Making the youth work is the best investment because the things taught to them right now will be helpful in having a better result in upcoming time and a much better innovation will take place.


To run a business on such a large scale, the thinking should really be great. The people who have experienced a lot of success and running great businesses perform exceptionally. Jack MA has really an amazing potential of taking his online business to a huge level as well as Bill Gates has done a lot of hard work to make Microsoft a great company. Both these personalities are essential for the business community and are really wise because they are running these businesses successfully.