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The Best Options To Choose a laptop case

13 Sep 18
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In the variety of models present on the market today, it is easy enough to get confused. However, by looking closer to them, you can easily identify five laptop case formats.

The simplest cases are folders. As a rule, they consist of one or two compartments; the handle for transportation is absent. Most often made of neoprene – resistant to water, sun and heat material.

The next format, the most common on the market, is bags and briefcases. They are distinguished by a wealth of internal content – numerous offices for papers, pens, disks, etc. For transportation, you can use a handle or a shoulder strap. The material for bags and briefcases is mostly natural or artificial leather, polyester and nylon – lightweight and durable materials, wear-resistant and waterproof enough.

The third format includes backpacks for carrying laptops. Like bags, they are equipped with a large number of compartments. Manufactured mainly from nylon. The fourth format is the case. A distinctive feature – a rigid design and the presence of a lock, allowing you to protect your laptop from other people’s hands.

Most often made of durable and light aluminum, less often – of hard plastic. And, finally, the latest format – universal bags and suitcases of large capacity – a real mobile office on wheels. This will fit not only the laptop, but also a portable printer or photo accessories. The material for manufacturing is polyester.

Choose the right format is easy enough. Analyze how and in what conditions your laptop is most often used. If the computer spends most of the time at home, and the need for its transportation is rare, your choice is definitely a folder. A small size will make it comfortable to place it in a normal briefcase or bag. Also, the folder is ideal for miniature notebooks.

In the convenience of carrying, there is no equal to a bag or briefcase. They should be preferred if your computer is always with you, wherever you are. Bags have a large capacity, sufficient to ensure that everything you need is at hand while traveling around the city. Portfolios are also quite functional and at the same time, they work for your image, creating an image of an elegant businessperson.

For active people, the best choice is a backpack. It does not interfere with a long walk or hike, but on the convenience of transportation, it can compete with the bag. If in the first place for you security, and besides, you are not going to move over long distances with a laptop in hand – give preference to a reliable but heavy case. In protection from external influences, he has no equal. And, finally, for avid travelers great bags or suitcases suit perfectly, allowing to organize a mobile office or studio anywhere in the world.

Protection lines of laptop case

Of course, do not expect that the folder will be as reliable as an aluminum case. And, nevertheless, any laptop case should provide the latter with at least minimal protection from everything that can somehow damage the computer.

The simplest form of the case – the folder – is able to guarantee only the protection of the laptop from dust and scratches. Although the design of some cases also provides for special gaskets capable of softening the impact, it is not necessary to talk about serious protection from mechanical damages.

In your bags, backpacks and briefcases, your laptop is much better protected. Soft walls and internal partitions, a rigid frame, a metal cord in the edges of the bag, and finally an additional impregnation of nylon to protect against sun and moisture – a guarantee that in this case your computer is not afraid of any tests.

Do not forget to also check out the compartments meant for accessories – mice, disks, battery, mobile phone pens and so on. The lack of reliable fasteners for small items will cause them to crumble all over the bag, scratching and smudging your laptop.

The best way to absorb shock is a strong case. Hard outside and with soft inner walls it is the best protection against any negative influences.

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