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Depression Cure

I am depressed what should I do? Little things that can change your life

24 Apr 18
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Depression is a common problem all over the globe. Individuals, particularly teenagers, go through this mental state and it can destroy a person completely. From your social to your work life and your studies, everything will suffer. Your health will be at stake and in severe cases it can be deadly. There are certain ways with which one can cope with this problem, and some of them are so simple that you can do them right now. So, I am depressed what should I do now?

Think of any accomplishment

Think about anything that you have accomplished that day. And they include even the smallest of things. Even getting up early is an accomplishment. Making your bed, taking a shower, making breakfast, ironing your clothes, cleaning your shoes, going to work, etc., all are little things that you may not take into consideration but are actually accomplishments. It is something that you do, and you are not wasting yourself or are useless!

The 5 4 3 2 1

There is a simple 5 4 3 2 1 rule that many psychologists suggest to individuals that suffer from depression. It is about taking a peek at your surroundings and think about 5 things that you have not taken into account yet. Then, see what the 4 objects that you can touch, what the 3 things are that you can hear? After these come the two smells and one positive thing you can tell yourself.

Cry and let it out

People tend to go through a state where they feel depressed, and they don’t even cry. They just let it all destroy themselves from the inside, not knowing what it is doing to them. So, if you feel anything, just let it all out. And the best way to do it is by crying. Therefore, take a moment to lie down and cry about whatever you are feeling to let it all out of yourself.

Pets can help

If depression is a regular problem for you, try having a pet. And if you already have a pet, cuddling with them and taking them for a walk can help. It is about taking responsibility and tackling with them that will divert your attention and will help you in getting out of the depression bubble that you are in. And studies have shown that cuddling with pets and playing with them has a positive impact on the individuals that suffer from depression.

Try yoga and meditation

The yoga and meditation are practices that help to calm an individual from the inside. It is about bringing peace and relaxation in your personality. So, if you feel down and out and do not know about these practices, switch on your internet and take a look at various yoga/meditation videos available to dive into it. It is one of the things that I do whenever I feel depressed, and it really helps in bringing emotional stability.

We hope that you have had an answer to your question ‘I am depressed what should I do.’ Do remember that everyone here is fighting a battle of his own and if you are knocked out in your field that does not mean you have to stay down for the rest of your life. Get up and let them know that this is your world and you are the boss here! Smile now and have a happy and healthy living.


tripods dslr

CANON EOS 600D / Rebel T3i VS NIKON D5100

20 Apr 18
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Earlier this year Canon and Nikon served up a much-needed refresh of their entry-level DSLR lineups. Boasting a rash of new features that have trickled down from the more advanced DSLRs in their range, the Canon EOS600D and Nikon D5100 offer photographers in this market a creative control that they haven’t had before. But with similar spec sheets, which camera should you choose?

Canon EOS 600D OR Nikon D5100

Canon’s EOS 600D and Nikon’s D5100 may each descend from a line of successful entry-level DSLRs, but with each now supported by a more junior model in its respective range the pair are left to target a more advanced audience. In addition to their high-resolution sensors, each arrives with a highly specified LCD screen and HD video functionality, not to mention a bevy of recording, processing and customization options. With such similar specifications they are likely to be seen as natural competitors and, given the heritage of each brand, they will naturally attract a lot of interest, but are they equally as impressive or does one clearly outgun the other?

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Nikon D5100 Vs Canon T3i 600d

Considering its upper entry-level billing, Canon has been generous with the 600D’s specifications and it actually seems as though you’re getting something of a bargain. Its 18MP CMOS sensor matches the more expensive EOS 60D for resolution and both are supported by the same DIGIC4 processing engine. This is also true of the Nikon’s D5100, with both its 16.2MP CMOS sensor and EXPEED 2 processor inherited from the D7000, along with a few nifty extras such as an interval timer for time-lapse recording and multiple exposure function, neither of which is offered by the 600D.

The 600D manages to better the 60D’s 3in articulated LCD screen with a slightly wider viewing angle and the bonus of an anti-smudge coating. At 1,040,000 dots it also has the joint highest resolution for an LCD screen on any DSLR, an honour shared only with its EOS stablemates. The D5100’s screen comfortably matches the 600D in practically all areas apart from resolution, where its 921,000-dot LCD is slightly behind; Whether this difference comes across in use, however, is something we’ll find out later on.

Canon EOS 600D vs Nikon D5100 MOVIE MODE and quality

Both cameras have full HD movie recording, with variable frame rates up to 29.97fps and the provision of a socket on each for external stereo microphones. Canon has also fleshed out the 600D’s movie functionality with a Video Snapshot mode, which captures short video clips before automatically stitching them together, and a Movie Digital Zoom option, which crops the sensor up to 10x while still promising to maintain full HD quality.You may also read reviews about tripods under DSLR on Similarly, the D5100 allows for movies to be treated with effects such as Miniature and High-key in-camera (which also applies to its images), and even for frames to be lifted out of a piece of footage and saved as JPEGs. In a number of other areas the D5100 appears to outgun its rival, at least on paper. Both cameras, for example, allow a standard sensitivity range of ISO 100-6400, with the 600D offering an additional setting equivalent to ISO 12,800. The D5100 not only matches this, but also betters it with a further Hi2 option equivalent to ISO 25,600. Likewise, the D5100’s 11-point focusing system has two extra points over the 600D’s nine-point module, although both share a cross-type central point for improved sensitivity.

The D5100 also has a burst rate up to4fps next to the 600D’s 3.7fps, although Nikon makes it clear that such speeds are influenced by shutter speed, processing options, focus mode etc. In any case, the difference isn’t substantial. As is fairly typical on such models, both cameras offer pentamirror viewfinders, each with a coverage of 0.95x. With a slightly higher magnification, the 600D’s viewfinder appears to present a larger view, although once the differences in sensor size are taken into account – the 600D has a marginally smaller sensor – any advantage is negligible. The two are also powered by rechargeable lithium-ion batteries and support the SD family of memory cards for image and video recording.

buy instagram views

Instagram or Google plus: which one is good for old people

15 Apr 18
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Social media trend is common in youth and it is equally popular in old age people. Each social media channel gained success after the effort of multiple years however Google plus has a lot of followers in a really less time period. You can Buy Instagram views if you have plan to post videos on Instagram. Instagram is also a great network with rapid success. This platform is really famous in the business market because of new features. For old people, connections are really important and they have a lot of acquaintances that they want to follow. Some of the basic differences will be described in these articles to help old a person about which platform is more beneficial for them.

Adding people to circle and followings

Instagram is a network where people follow others and they follow them back. However the approval of other individual is necessary. On the network of Google plus, the concept of circles is introduced where a person can categorize their circles and add people in different groups. As older people have more people in their circle as compared to young generation, it is easy for them to have distinction in their profile. They can also add posts for particular circles and enjoy social interactions in more meaningful manner.


The accessibility of Google plus is more as compared to Instagram. The results to Google plus accounts are even shown on Google search results. Not only family members and friends but the people outside family such as general public can access the account easily by just conducting simple search command. The sharing options as well as visibility of the profile can be changed from the settings to make it possible for new people to view profile. The settings for messaging and search results can also be changed according to the convenience. This feature is not present in Instagram because the visibility is more just in the application not in Google search results.

Get custom URL

The URL is an address that make is easy to make a search. Google plus has an additional feature of getting custom URL of a profile for any particular name or even business. This custom URL provides the benefit of making the search results better in favor of the person. By sharing multiple articles as well as blog content on Google plus platform, the URL strengthens. This sharing will help a lot in comparison to Instagram where this strategy cannot be used.

Filling out the story

Instagram only provides the bio to fill information about the person. Google plus has the complete section of story where multiple keywords can be used to attract others. All the information can be shared here. Instagram is a photo sharing application while Google plus provide opportunity to share every type of information including links, information and blogs. Old people have this great platform to have their complete bio visible to others. There is a brief tag line about what the person does and then full introduction is used to add most of the text.

travel bottle warmer for babies

Portable (Travel) Baby Bottle Warmers 2018 Reviews

03 Apr 18

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Travel bottle warmers are a convenient portable option if you want to always be prepared to feed your little one on the go and to simply make your life a little easier. Whether you use it for long trips or just for every day on-the-go situations, this device can be very useful.

However, you should expect travel bottle warmers to be less reliable and having longer heating times when compared to home-based devices. But that is the price you will have to pay if you want portability with your warmer. Fortunately, the actual price is not high at all for one of these devices.

travel bottle warmer for babiestravel bottle warmer for babies

There are a few types available that you can choose from;

Electric Travel Bottle Warmers

Electric bottle warmers are the most popular form of best bottle warmer. They are powered by an automobile’s 12-volt lighter socket.


Easy to use.
Essentially unlimited power is available from the car battery. Can be used many times without running out of power.
Can be used in the car without having to stop at a rest area. Good for long distance trips.


Possible to overheat the bottle. Needs to be constantly monitored.
Can only be used in the car.

Butane Travel Bottle Warmers

With these types of warmers, a small flame is used to produce heat and warm the bottle. Disposable butane cartridges are used.


More portable than electric warmers, can be taken and used from an automobile.
Has a higher capacity, can warm about many multiple bottles per cartridge.


Use of a flame means that it can’t be used in some situations.
Must constantly resupply hard-to-find butane cartridges.

Heat Pack Travel Battery Warmers

A heat pack is used by placing an insulated bag together with the bottle. The heat pack needs to be heated up in boiling water before use and the solid chemical inside the pack turns liquid when boiled. The heat energy is retained in the liquid chemical until activated. This means that the pack can still heat up even after the liquid cools down.


Can be used practically anywhere.


Can be used only once until reheated again.
Preparation needed before use.

So which type of travel bottle warmer is the best?

This is hard to answer, because many people prefer and are happy with a certain type depending on their lifestyle and needs. There is no right answer to which is “best” but it is safe to say that they are all useful if you need an appliance on-the-go to feed your baby.

A popular travel bottle warmer among parents is the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Travel Bottle and Food Warmer which uses the heat pack method and can keep the contents warm for up to six hours.


aiming the gun at the right spot

Landing The Bullet at the Right Place in Hunting

03 Apr 18
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Hitting the right target

Hitting the right target holds a lot of importance for a successful hunt. If your target is bad with the gun then you are not only going to lose the trophy but you are going to hurt the animal as well. So, it is important to hit the laser target to get the desired trophy. Landing the bullet at the right spot also ensures the quick killing of an animal which is good in a sense that you are not inflicting a lot of pain to it.

How to hit the right spot?

Landing the bullet at the ideal spot takes some skills. You also need to know the right spots which are sensitive and ensures quick killing of an animal. Before going to hunt, it is advised to know about the right spots of that particular game animal you are intending to kill. By knowing the right spots, you would be better equipped to kill the animal as soon as possible hence inflicting the least possible pain. The ideal spot to hit is the head. Head holds the brain and brain is what keeps our body functioning. A small damage to the brain is enough to cause death. But for the head, your target should be very precise. The chest is also a good place to land the bullet. Heart and lungs are present in a chest and puncturing any of them cause a quick death.

Know the behavior of animal

Knowing the behavior and movement of the animal is necessary to land the bullet at the right place. There are certain ways to know the behavior and movement of an animal. You can do this either by scouting them with a good quality video captured by using one of the game cams mentioned in best trail camera reviews under $100 for the animal lovers or by reading the available information about that animal. Consulting the local people of that area is also a good choice as they are quite knowledgeable about the local animals.

Practice and calibrating the weapon

Practicing and calibrating your weapon is also important to ensure the accurate shooting of the animal. This can be done by keeping an extra ammunition with yourself for practicing your weapon and to ensure the shooting accuracy of the gun. Before entering the hunting premises, you should practice your weapon and calibrate the aim of the scope to make a perfect target. In this way, you would surely get a good kill and your bullet would land at the right place.

Using the good quality ammunition

Using good quality ammunition is also essential to get good results from the weapon. Good quality ammunition not only ensures the protection of your weapon but it also ensures that bullet would land at the targeted place without wobbling in the air.

HD Gaming Laptops

Best High Performance & Smart Laptops For Gaming in 2018

03 Apr 18
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If you’re on the market for an inexpensive laptop that may double as a daily driver and a gaming PC, the Y580 is most likely your best choice. If you do prefer the very best, try our Best Gaming Laptops article to get the best laptops available that are ideal for gaming. The i7 processor and the R9 M275 is the ideal combination for a nice gaming laptop.

Under $999 Gaming Laptops

Although some of the strongest systems can easily exceed $1000, it’s possible to obtain the very best gaming laptop under $800 that will suit every one of your needs. The outstanding screen is only one of the numerous excellent things about the Dell Inspiron i7559-3762GRY. When it regards high-end gaming laptops, there are just a few names that are worth considering and ASUS is among them.

Acer Aspire E5-573G makes a superb laptop for moderate gaming and standard use. Laptops are excellent, they are astoundingly versatile and you may take your gaming anywhere. Gaming laptops are the most effective laptops that can be found on the marketplace.

Notebooks For Gaming

Ideal for gaming when commuting, travelling or some other situation, a gaming laptop delivers the performance you need wherever you’re. Some of the greatest gaming notebooks can weigh up to seven pounds, which might not sound like much, but will surely feel as a lot whenever you have to hold it in your hand. Also remember, check around in your very own community area… in hard financial times many perfectly superior gaming notebooks could possibly be offered for sale so check the local newspaper ads and internet places like Craigslist to see whether you can grab a superior gaming rig at quite a reasonable price.

HD Gaming Laptops

If you’re searching to put money into a laptop for gaming, you’ll have to find your private preference in balancing power with portability. The Full-HD display screen offers vibrant colours together with knifelike information for casual video clip pc gaming in addition to multi-media. While the display does not provide Full-HD resolution, it will nonetheless permit you to stream your favourite series or movies in 720p quality.

For you to appreciate your favourite games, you obtain a matte Full-HD display which provides rich colours and decent viewing angles for gaming and watching 1080p videos. Have a peek at a few important actions to understanding what features actually work and where they’re required. Possibly the best characteristic of the Zenbook is its sleek and fashionable design.

Laptops are popular in the gaming world because of their portability quality that permits the fun to be scattered all over. Gaming laptops are known to be rather pricey, but that doesn’t signify you must break the bank as a way to receive your hands on a decent one. They have come a long way in the last couple years.

Naturally, if all you actually need is an internet browser, or if you’re able to get by with only an internet browser, then a ChromeBook is something that you may want to check at. SPEED You require the fastest computer money can purchase. Some want to use their laptop for work even though others wish to utilize it for entertainment like gaming.

The laptops should have the location for setting up the graphics card, the storage region and additionally the cpu are the next essential points that need to be taken into account whilst acquiring. Opt for the ability of the system you want, the graphics processor which best suits your computing requirements, and additional security and physical protection choices that are wonderful for the traveler. Just because you don’t will need to the power and functioning of a gaming laptop doesn’t signify you’ve got to compromise quality.

For that reason, it’s always wise to decide on the appropriate hardware alternatives and specification that may fulfill your upcoming requirement also. The absolute most important component to look at if buying a laptop is what you plan to utilize it for. While you might not require a 1TB laptop, you should look at the demand for space to put away your movies and notes.


Best Asics Women’s Gel Craze Fitness Shoe 2018 Review

03 Apr 18
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Once, a famous actress and model said a valuable saying that “give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” Before diving into the details, I would love to tell you (the fitness conscious beauties) about a crazily best fitness shoe that always reminds me the above mentioned saying, which is Asics women’s gel craze fitness shoe.

We have a fairytale character Cinderella as a proof that a pair of shoes can change your entire life. This is another thing if it is a good change or not. It depends on your choice. You girls better know what the best one choice is for you, whether you need training shoes or Best women CrossFit shoes.

A question comes in mind here, that how to select a pair of shoes that can change your life. Answer is very simple. When it comes to fitness, you don’t need to reach peak fashion. You just need a strong, durable, and soft pair of shoes and above of the entire comfortable one. The one that can make you feel cozy and restful. I am going to give you a review glance to a very special kind of shoes that will transform your body language and attitude. They are able to lift you not only physically but also emotionally.

The most important thing is what you do in your shoes. Are you wearing them to just cover your feet or to chase your dreams with freedom? Here comes Asics women’s gel craze fitness shoe that will make you feel your freedom in true manners.  Now this is the time to get rid of those clumsy and worn-out pair of shoes, and pick out a pair of fitness-specific sneaks to get exceptional benefits.

In this Review, I want to put light on few features of my all-time favorite fitness shoes. If you want style and performance together in a fitness shoes pair, I would preferably and personally recommend you to buy Asics women’s gel craze fitness shoe and thanks me later.

Let’s the fun begins:

Asics gel-fit Sana women’s training shoes:

Asics gel-fit Sana women’s training shoes are ideal for gym, studio and light workouts. The pattern used in the mid of sole helps in actions of bending, especially bending of limbs and joints is easy. It makes foot to move in its natural form. Full MONO SOCK construction assists feet to get fit in and upgrade your workout in great comfort. The weight of this pair is 6.3.

When you see this item as per style you will find it perfect. Low-profile midsole make it looks more feminine and stylish. It will also give you barefoot-like feel. This Asics women’s gel craze fitness shoe provides you Rear foot gel cushioning that will ease your feet and will help you to work-out for long time without any pain and irritation.

Pros Cons
Ø Outer body is covered by first rate fine fabric Ø Supports only studio workout
Ø Rear foot gel cushioning Ø Not suitable for long Running
Ø High-abrasion outsole  
Ø Stretchable Mono-Sock system


Ø Excellent Gripping capability  
Ø Light weighted  
Ø Stylish  


Skateboard reviews

Skateboards You Should Avoid in 2018

31 Mar 18
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Today I am going to shed light on a very interesting topic which is especially helpful for people looking out for the best skateboard for beginners or the best skateboards generally. We will also approach this topic in a very unique manner, as I will be telling you guys about the kinds of skateboards that you should avoid if you are looking for the best skateboards for beginners in 2018. Okay, so let us cut to the chase and dive right in!

It is also important to talk about skateboard trucks here. Trucks are the metal pieces that hold the wheels and connect them to your deck… Again, you don’t have to worry about the brand, but you should buy a pair of trucks that are the same width as your deck. To attach the trucks to the deck you’ll need to buy a set of 8 nuts and 8 bolts which are sold separately. Now it’s time to get a set of wheels. Wheels differ from each other by hardness and size.

When you’re starting out I’d, recommend getting something between 99a and 101a durometer and either 52 or 54 millimeters wide.. Ok! So now that you have wheels, you also need to buy a set of 8 bearings. Bearings are inserted into each wheel to allow them to spin effortlessly around the axles of your trucks.. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on bearings when you’re a beginner, so just get something inexpensive and you should be fine.. Remember you can always upgrade them. Later., OK, so the last thing you might need to get is a pair of risers to put in between your trucks and your deck so that your wheels don’t come into contact with your deck whenever you lean it to one side. Alright. So now that we got all the parts, let me show you how to put everything together.. The main tools you’re going to need are a razor blade, either a phillips head, screwdriver or alien wrench.

Depending on what type of bolts you bought to attach your trucks to the deck and a wrench set or a skate tool. A couple of other tools that would be nice to have are a metal file and a hole, boring tool.. Let’s start by applying the grip tape to the deck., I like to just peel off the backing all at once and position the grip tape over the deck so that it overlaps a little bit on all sides.. Once you’re satisfied with the positioning press it down firmly with your hands
I’m doing the kinds of skateboards that beginners should avoid because I think your beginner experience is very important in your skateboard life and it should not be ruined by anything of this sort, guys. Now, I will give you the reasons and situations in which these skateboards actually do make more sense. If you are starting out as a beginner, my advice is to watch out for the “penny flash blow board” because it’s plastic and there are very few people who can pull off the trick of skateboarding on this one. Now let me clear one thing for you, I do not mean to say that this board itself is not good, it is just that some skateboards and longboards are suitable for certain situations. The penny board is a very fun, portable skateboard in situations like traveling but it certainly is not the best skateboard for beginners or the best skateboard for tricks (especially if you are a beginner). But when it comes to learning tricks, I’ve had a lot of people actually ask me if they can learn tricks on penny but to learn a kickflip on a penny board is a hundred times harder than learning it on a normal popsicle shaped board.

The second one is the, Popsicle shaped board, guys. Basically, it is just the standard shape for skateboards and so if you are here looking for portability, easy access and just cruising, this board is awesome, but if you’re trying to go to skate parks and learn tricks it is not ideal. These are two completely different worlds! Okay so this is it for today guys. I hope you all know what to avoid now!

For more information, you can visit the website

Ten most Important facts about Air Fryers

29 Mar 18
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Air Fryer is not a fascinating device that expeditiously makes the oily and less nutritious foods, nutritive for us, yet, it will assist us in using up healthier modes of our suggested and selected oily food.

  • An air fryer is a useful and functional kitchen appliance that have many benefits, especially it is beneficial for those who love fried food. As, it prepares the fried food easily with less fat.
  • These kitchen appliances are a secure solution as they do not need a pan suffused with oil to prepare or make food and meals with a fried texture.
  • One must buy air fryers because they are quite easy to use and very easy to manage and maintain. It is quite acceptable to have air fryers as operates by flowing the hot air. Hence, the meal is cooked using hot air, moreover, it offer its users the same taste of meals as of the foods fried in a pan with plenty of oil.
  • The good thing about air fryers is that it does not consume oil that prevents those greasy spots on plates. Whereas a little amount of oil can be used in air fryer. But when one use oil, he should put oil directly to the meal rather than stuffing the pan of air fryer with a plash of oil, as this might damage the appliance. Mostly people like the concept of consuming a healthier form of usually fattening meals.
  • Good health is indeed a blessing and everyone wants to eat healthy foods in order to stay healthy and to reduce extra fats. In that case, an air fryer is a best way to cut down a large chunk of fats without sacrificing on favorite foods. It only requites hot air which cooks the food, it don’t need any supplementary or accessory calories that foods drenched in oil can add.
  • Air fryers have a special technique of air circulation by which the unwanted hot air goes out of the appliance, thus the air keeps on circulating and the food gets cooked. It cooks all the ingredients of food from every degree and all angles without oil. Eventually, producing or cooking healthier and nutritious foods than most fryers and also it prevents us from that undesirable and nonessential odor of the fried meals in the kitchen.
  • The air fryer is a highly advisable appliance and is best for those who start a diet plan. It is also advisable or suggested for the people who have quite busy schedule or those who are constantly on the go. Determining whether investing money on the air fryer is worth it or not, is all up to the user or the buyer.
  • Air fryers are kitchen friendly appliance. There are enormous benefits of air fryers. As they prepare food easily with great taste
  • Best Air fryers have automatic timer feature which automatically turns off the appliance, once the food is cooked, making more ease and comfort for the user.
  • Air fryers prepare food very rapidly and quite easily. One is required to do is, only to set up the suitable temperature for heating the food. It works as a mini oven.
Veon logo

Will VEON dominate the market of Asia?

29 Mar 18
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The consumers in the market are facilitated with something really amazing by the global communication. This application has a new vision of transforming the whole world of communication and a revolution will be brought. This is an exciting and new application with perfect vision for future. The telecom industry is not performing really great over the past few years and this thing is transformed by the invention of VEON application. This app has completely transformed the concept of communication for the consumers, especially in the business market.

Business communication with Buy Twitter Followers Cheap

This is an amazing platform for business people to communicate. This allows businesses to share and communicate their important details and socialize in an entirely new manner. This has totally transformed the concept of business communication. Business on twitter is a field where a lot of communication takes place and a personalized service will be great. This offers a completely new and amazing platform for business communities.

Partnership with other platforms

VEON has an amazing partnership network with many successful networks working online that its users are increasing. On Black Friday, it has this great partnership with Daraz that offered a lot of discounts for the users using it through VEON. An additional discount was offered and many offers were particularly meant for VEON users to facilitate them. This sale was best for people who were up to buying tech items especially cell phones and LEDs. All things were offered at exceptionally low rates. Other than Daraz, VEON has also partnered with Mastercard, Studio+, Deezer and many other such companies to attract more customers. The partnership with both the international as well as local brands is done to approach consumers.


This company has transformed from a telecommunication company to a technological company. They have realized the gap in the market and the way of communication is changed for customers. People like to communicate through the use of a unique opportunity and VEON has stepped into a new market with the forward-thinking approach. Entirely personalized and new services are offered on this platform. The artificial intelligence is used to have control over the user and data analytics are used to make it a better system.

What’s different?

The mobile operators offer a lot of new things after every few days. Some of those things are successful while some are not. The drive and motivation of doing something new and different make people discover new and innovative things. So, VEON application is also different from all the other ones because it’s launched in the market with proper background research.

A better relationship is formed with the consumers by having an efficient data analytics system just like add twitter followers from This is not like any other way of getting profit, but a new system of building better relationships. This is a social application that is a live example of efficiency. This happens because there is no need for the customer to get expensive bits of help from the call centers in case of any problem.