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Instagram or Google plus: which one is good for old people

15 Apr 18
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Social media trend is common in youth and it is equally popular in old age people. Each social media channel gained success after the effort of multiple years however Google plus has a lot of followers in a really less time period. You can Buy Instagram views if you have plan to post videos on Instagram. Instagram is also a great network with rapid success. This platform is really famous in the business market because of new features. For old people, connections are really important and they have a lot of acquaintances that they want to follow. Some of the basic differences will be described in these articles to help old a person about which platform is more beneficial for them.

Adding people to circle and followings

Instagram is a network where people follow others and they follow them back. However the approval of other individual is necessary. On the network of Google plus, the concept of circles is introduced where a person can categorize their circles and add people in different groups. As older people have more people in their circle as compared to young generation, it is easy for them to have distinction in their profile. They can also add posts for particular circles and enjoy social interactions in more meaningful manner.


The accessibility of Google plus is more as compared to Instagram. The results to Google plus accounts are even shown on Google search results. Not only family members and friends but the people outside family such as general public can access the account easily by just conducting simple search command. The sharing options as well as visibility of the profile can be changed from the settings to make it possible for new people to view profile. The settings for messaging and search results can also be changed according to the convenience. This feature is not present in Instagram because the visibility is more just in the application not in Google search results.

Get custom URL

The URL is an address that make is easy to make a search. Google plus has an additional feature of getting custom URL of a profile for any particular name or even business. This custom URL provides the benefit of making the search results better in favor of the person. By sharing multiple articles as well as blog content on Google plus platform, the URL strengthens. This sharing will help a lot in comparison to Instagram where this strategy cannot be used.

Filling out the story

Instagram only provides the bio to fill information about the person. Google plus has the complete section of story where multiple keywords can be used to attract others. All the information can be shared here. Instagram is a photo sharing application while Google plus provide opportunity to share every type of information including links, information and blogs. Old people have this great platform to have their complete bio visible to others. There is a brief tag line about what the person does and then full introduction is used to add most of the text.