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Will VEON dominate the market of Asia?

29 Mar 18
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The consumers in the market are facilitated with something really amazing by the global communication. This application has a new vision of transforming the whole world of communication and a revolution will be brought. This is an exciting and new application with perfect vision for future. The telecom industry is not performing really great over the past few years and this thing is transformed by the invention of VEON application. This app has completely transformed the concept of communication for the consumers, especially in the business market.

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This is an amazing platform for business people to communicate. This allows businesses to share and communicate their important details and socialize in an entirely new manner. This has totally transformed the concept of business communication. Business on twitter is a field where a lot of communication takes place and a personalized service will be great. This offers a completely new and amazing platform for business communities.

Partnership with other platforms

VEON has an amazing partnership network with many successful networks working online that its users are increasing. On Black Friday, it has this great partnership with Daraz that offered a lot of discounts for the users using it through VEON. An additional discount was offered and many offers were particularly meant for VEON users to facilitate them. This sale was best for people who were up to buying tech items especially cell phones and LEDs. All things were offered at exceptionally low rates. Other than Daraz, VEON has also partnered with Mastercard, Studio+, Deezer and many other such companies to attract more customers. The partnership with both the international as well as local brands is done to approach consumers.


This company has transformed from a telecommunication company to a technological company. They have realized the gap in the market and the way of communication is changed for customers. People like to communicate through the use of a unique opportunity and VEON has stepped into a new market with the forward-thinking approach. Entirely personalized and new services are offered on this platform. The artificial intelligence is used to have control over the user and data analytics are used to make it a better system.

What’s different?

The mobile operators offer a lot of new things after every few days. Some of those things are successful while some are not. The drive and motivation of doing something new and different make people discover new and innovative things. So, VEON application is also different from all the other ones because it’s launched in the market with proper background research.

A better relationship is formed with the consumers by having an efficient data analytics system just like add twitter followers from This is not like any other way of getting profit, but a new system of building better relationships. This is a social application that is a live example of efficiency. This happens because there is no need for the customer to get expensive bits of help from the call centers in case of any problem.