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travel bottle warmer for babies

Portable (Travel) Baby Bottle Warmers 2018 Reviews

03 Apr 18

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Travel bottle warmers are a convenient portable option if you want to always be prepared to feed your little one on the go and to simply make your life a little easier. Whether you use it for long trips or just for every day on-the-go situations, this device can be very useful.

However, you should expect travel bottle warmers to be less reliable and having longer heating times when compared to home-based devices. But that is the price you will have to pay if you want portability with your warmer. Fortunately, the actual price is not high at all for one of these devices.

travel bottle warmer for babiestravel bottle warmer for babies

There are a few types available that you can choose from;

Electric Travel Bottle Warmers

Electric bottle warmers are the most popular form of best bottle warmer. They are powered by an automobile’s 12-volt lighter socket.


Easy to use.
Essentially unlimited power is available from the car battery. Can be used many times without running out of power.
Can be used in the car without having to stop at a rest area. Good for long distance trips.


Possible to overheat the bottle. Needs to be constantly monitored.
Can only be used in the car.

Butane Travel Bottle Warmers

With these types of warmers, a small flame is used to produce heat and warm the bottle. Disposable butane cartridges are used.


More portable than electric warmers, can be taken and used from an automobile.
Has a higher capacity, can warm about many multiple bottles per cartridge.


Use of a flame means that it can’t be used in some situations.
Must constantly resupply hard-to-find butane cartridges.

Heat Pack Travel Battery Warmers

A heat pack is used by placing an insulated bag together with the bottle. The heat pack needs to be heated up in boiling water before use and the solid chemical inside the pack turns liquid when boiled. The heat energy is retained in the liquid chemical until activated. This means that the pack can still heat up even after the liquid cools down.


Can be used practically anywhere.


Can be used only once until reheated again.
Preparation needed before use.

So which type of travel bottle warmer is the best?

This is hard to answer, because many people prefer and are happy with a certain type depending on their lifestyle and needs. There is no right answer to which is “best” but it is safe to say that they are all useful if you need an appliance on-the-go to feed your baby.

A popular travel bottle warmer among parents is the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Travel Bottle and Food Warmer which uses the heat pack method and can keep the contents warm for up to six hours.