3 Types of Dresses Women Love To Wear on Mehndi

Woman wearing mehndi dresses

The Pakistani wedding predominantly consists of mehndi, Barat and walima. In Pakistan wedding is incomplete without mehndi. Mehndi is also called the rasm-e- Hina which takes place one day before the Barat. This event takes place separately in the bride and groom,s houses. Henna is placed on the couples hand. Every one included the bride wears beautiful dresses full of embroidery.

The popularity of Mehndi dresses in Pakistan among the women

Men attend these functions just for the sake of fun but, there is a very tough competition of clothes among the women on mehndi. One might argue that who has the energy and plentiful time to discuss that who has worn this dress on the previous function, you are wrong here women’s remember all the details.

For women, it,s a cardinal sin if they will wear a dress which has been worn earlier. Back in 90,s only the bride was sent to beauty saloons for the grooming and makeup. Now the trend has been changed all the women must visit the tailors, salons, and photographers.

If the mehndi is taking place in very cold weather all the women will put their sweaters aside just to show off their Pakistani mehndi dresses. Usually, women wear traditional dresses on the Mehndi such as kurta Pajama, lehenga choli and sharara.

Kurta along with choori daar pyjama

The modern brides and women don’t hesitate in experimenting and exploring the modern hues of the vibrant blue and black colors. These colors had made an entrance into the attires of the wedding festivities.

If you want to make the fress of your mehndi function elegant yet stunning go for a kurta-pajama choose rich bridal colors such as maroon, red or fuchsia. Your kurta pajama can be plain two-tone attire or of a single tone with simple thread work. You can also go for Swarovski work with glitter on it.

Traditional Lehenga choli

Lehenga choli is the most versatile outfit for a mehndi of all the times. As every wedding season brings with it new styles and trends but lehenga choli never goes out of style. Most of the brides and women choose dresses which are easy to carry in the whole function allows them to dance and sit for many hours during the mehndi. Of course the most important of all lehenga choli adds to the bridal elegance. So, lehenga choli in the classic traditional colors is the right choice to make a style statement in the mehndi function. Add a pop of vibrant pastel shades such as blue yellow and pink to your traditional lehenga. This dress will surely make you stylish and beautiful in the whole mehndi function.

Plain Sharara with a heavy kaamdaar Kurti

Among all the other dresses plain sharara is the easiest do it your self kind of dress. It is very easy to assemble it and look stunning on the mehndi. Plain shararas are easy to find as they are available in all over the market in a wide range of tones and hues. If you want to get brighter pictures on mehndi function to choose bright colors.

Different color and design patterns of dresses will fill your mehndi function with happiness. Keep experimenting with new designs of clothes to look stunning and gorgeous on the wedding functions especially on mehndi.