Are You Planning To Buy A New Fur Coat? Here’s What You Should Consider.

New Fur Coat

Fur just never seems to be out of fashion. With plenty of new trends and options, fur-products are on everyone’s wish list. Maybe you are planning to buy a new fur coat for yourself or maybe to gift it to someone. Do you know what you should consider before buying one? Here’s what you should know before you buy a fur coat:

What Type Of Fur Is Used?

With a number of fur types available, you’ll probably find yourself in a conundrum. What are these types and how do they differ?

  • Mink; the softest fur available in the market. Made from the hide of mink, a distant relative of the weasel, the fur is usually dark in color.
  • Rabbit; most commonly used in hats. Pretty often you’ll find a coat made from a rabbit fur. Moderately warm and light in weight, it is often regarded as an imitator. Rabbit fur could be dyes or sheared and easily made to imitate any other fur.
  • Fox; mainly found in red color, is now available in a variety of colors. Obtained from real foxes, the cost depends upon the color and the quality of fur. The red fox fur is the cheapest and silver is the most expensive.
  • Antelope; extremely popular in the higher mountains, antelope furs are complete body furs and most commonly used in coat making.
  • Sheep; very inexpensive and widely available. Sheep fur is not generally used in making coats but used mostly in rugs.
  • Beaver; mostly found in North American regions, beaver fur is very soft and slippery. With heavy underfur and skin below, it has very high commercial value.

There are a number of other furs including the artificial fur known as faux fur.

How Comfortable Is it?

You need to try it before you buy it. Check how soft and cozy it is. Make sure that you are comfortable with it. Sheared furs could be prickly at times. You need to make sure that the fur you are buying is virgin.

Choose Your Color Wisely.

Choose a color that suits you. Furs are luxury products. You don’t want to be mocked upon wearing a shade that does not compliment you. There are hundreds of colors and thousands of shades available. Dyed or natural, the selection of color should be your choice.

The Care.

Fur and its products need a lot of care. You don’t want to buy a coat that may burn a hole in your pocket. Know the care needed for your coat before buying it. Different furs need different care. The Rosendorf/Evans Fur ( are the only ones around Virginia to offer complete services for fur care. They offer packages for maintenance as well as repair services. Choose the one that is easy to care and keep.

Fur coats are a niche for the upper class. They have been in fashion for centuries now. With all the more options available, a buyer can easily get confused as to which one to buy. With the help of this guide, it’ll be easier for you to choose what type of fur coat do you want. Be it parkas or be it coats or jackets.