Charity Stores – Your Unique Fashion Hub

Charity stores are amazing. They help shoppers with a budget to get their basic clothing needs while saving money for other pressing matters. Shopping at a charity store is also a fun experience because you never know what to expect. We all love getting unbelievable bargains and a charity store promises you just that – if you are ready to keep your eyes open and spend some effort exploring the inventory.

What To Look For In A Charity Store?

Charity stores are a great place to look for outerwear. Jackets and hoodies are some of the most common finds and they are super bargains too. Picking up a 200-dollar jacket for 20 does not need a genius to justify. Common apparel like denim, windcheaters and t-shirts are always good for everyday wear. Women shoppers will come across a wider variety of apparel – coats, dresses, different types of tops, and more.

Going For Vintage? Look At Charity Store Deals

Vintage has always been a delightful slice of contemporary fashion and you don’t need to try to hard to roll back those years in a fun and classy way. There are many vintage styles you can rock after a few visits to the nearest charity store.

The 90s grunge looks are making a huge comeback – all-American flannels and denim jackets paired with easy-fit denim. You can find some of these treasures at a pre-loved collection. Charity stores aren’t just about the clothes – you can get a lot of accessories there too. Mirrored sunglasses are making a comeback and you might just come across an original pair at dirt cheap prices.

Basic Shopping Tips

Be ready to rummage through large piles of clothes when you are at a charity store. Make sure you have allotted yourself some time – do not be in a rush. Try out all the clothes properly before you buy them. Organizations like MERS Goodwill boast a huge nationwide network of sourcing and their collections keep getting updated. Apart from taking your time, you will also benefit from multiple visits – it is worth the effort. One more pro tip is to get friendly with the volunteers. They might be able to help you on subsequent visits.

Your Environmental Responsibility

Everyone is talking about the environment and how our species is ending several others. It is a serious problem and one of the roots of this problem is the insatiable need that drives industry. Clothes have a very heavy ecological footprint.

From the farmland techniques to the chemical dyes, something as simple as a t-shirt would have created quite an unenviable trail of destruction before it landed neatly folded and quite overpriced at the showroom.

Buying from a charity store is not just a unique shopping experience but it also reduces your hand in this environmental cost. You may think – what difference will I make? There are hundreds and thousands of people who subscribe to this positive mentality and they are finding their clothes at charity shops. It is an army out there and your decision matters.