Deciding Whether Fostering Is Right For You

Fostering Care

Fostering is a type of service that is given for a short period of time to a child. It is a process where you nurture and develop the young minds and ensure that they get to grow in a secure and safe environment. Fostering is a way of giving deprived children a happy family and a second chance at childhood. It is not a 9 to 5 job but is so much more than that. It is a commitment to provide the children with a secure space where they can remain stress free and enjoy every moment of their childhood. If you want to become a foster carer, you need to choose between a long term carer, short term carer or an emergency carer. Depending on the requirements of the child and your capability, you will be assigned a child that matches your preferences.


Who can become a foster carer?

Any adult with a home and a kind heart can become a foster carer. Many foster parents do not understand that with fostering, they can change some lives and it is one of the most satisfying jobs ever. You could be single, separated or married, you could also be rich or poor to become a foster carer. Most importantly, you need to have a kind heart that will bring light and joy in the life of a child. Being emotionally stable and having a strong relationship with the family will help you become a better foster carer and you will be able to set a good example for the child to grow in. One of the most important advice to become a foster carer is that you will have to have patience, love and compassion towards the child.


Raising any child comes with its own rewards and expenses. Fostering could be the case of a child who has gone through difficult situations. You will be required to provide for them in terms of their clothes and food. You will also have to push them towards pursuing their hobbies and pay for the same. You will receive an allowance each week for the expenses incurred by you but the actual expenses could be higher than the allowance. The allowance will vary based on the facilities you provide and the experience you have.

Be a strong support system

It is indeed difficult for a child to move away from the family and be placed into foster care. Sometimes the child is extracted from unfavorable situations and the experience can be hard on the parents as well. The child will take some time to get back to normal and to settle in the new surroundings. As a carer, you need to offer strong support to the child and ensure that you handle any situation with love and logic.

You need to remember that you will not be alone in this process and you will always have the support of social workers who will guide you through each stage.