Floral Prints – The World’s Favorite Patterns

Floral Prints

It is never too early to plan your summer wardrobe, especially while the bleak winter rages on outside. Cheer yourself up and think of nature’s favorite motif – flowers! With spring and summer, the natural landscapes will explode in a thousand colors and you can start planning the celebrations with some of these handy tips on fashionable floral patterns.

The floral print dress is forever endearing. It represents beauty and fertility. There are few things more joyous than the sight of an immaculately printed floral dress sashaying down the street on a sunny day. Floral prints can be unconventional too.

You can pair up your floral patterns with a solid leather outfit for the biker chick look. Pick up a pair floral pattern Doc Martens – an unbelievable combination of delicate aesthetics and one of the toughest shoes out there. This blog post elaborates on how you can experiment with floral prints regardless of the occasion or the season.

Different Styles To Choose From

There are many types of floral prints. The finishing depends not only on the pattern and colors used but also the texture of the fabric, so when you are deciding on adding to your wardrobe – keep these things in mind.

The Arabesque floral prints often fill up the canvas and follow strict and often complex geometric sequences while baroque prints use thick edges and contrasting colors. If you think those tulips and chrysanthemums look super realistic on your flowery dress, they’re what the industry refers to as a botanical print.

The ditsy prints are ideal for large framed wearers – tiny flowers spread across a light canvas and mixed with other shapes while retro floral prints pretty much replace retro motifs with flowers – think neutral, muted backgrounds with psychedelic colors and simple symmetric arrangements. Vintage floral patterns look good on a dress as well as a greeting card while Paisley is best described by looking at it!

The Legacy Of Floral Prints

A look at history will make us understand why we love floral prints so much. Floral prints are arguably the oldest known designs in fashion. They have a major role in the silk route trade. Floral printing started in the Far East and soon the expensive silks with flower motifs from China became something that the rich aristocrats of Europe obsessed with. This eventually got incorporated into Western fashion.

Venetian lace and similar fashion items also used a lot of floral designs. Floral designs were also commonly seen in textiles from Persia, especially rugs and tunics. The Indian motifs became popular in the 18th century as block printed textiles made their way into European homes.

Let us fast forward to a very exciting epoch of the 20th century – the 1960s. ‘Flower power’ was a thing then and floral patterns adorned the boutiques and plazas across the Americas.

From leggings to embroidered lingerie, floral prints have been part and parcel of fashion for ages. Enjoy flaunting the latest reinventions and the vintage favorites this season.