How Dancing Makes You A Better Person

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You buy the latest in super cool dance clothes and hit the dance floor. You learn the moves and buy a recital costume. After your performance, you are given flowers and pose for pictures. You have arrived. You are now the person you always wanted to be. Well, not really.

If you look at dance through that lens, you will feel as hollow as that paragraph sounds. It takes more than that to become a good dancer, and more than that to become a good person. But, if you are willing to put your heart and soul into it, dance can create a world for you that you can only imagine.

Opening your universe

Dance has been an artistic form of expression for generations and around the globe. When a person is committed to the music and the art of dancing, it is quite moving. This is why ancient civilizations believed the power of dance could summons the universe to their aid. But, since you are not choosing dance to bring rain to crops, let’s look at how dance will improve your world and your life.

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How dancing can make you a better person

  • Dance gives you self-confidence
    • Dance takes work. But you learn that with hard work and perseverance, you can do anything. You have everything you need to succeed.
  • Dance teaches you to process correction
    • Your instructor will scrutinize every move you make. She will tell you what you are doing wrong. This is not to hurt you or embarrass you. It is to make you better. She will do the same for the other dancers. You will learn to take what you need from constructive criticism and leave the rest. This will serve you well in life.
  • Dance teaches you compassion for others
    • A dancer is only as good as the weakest member of the dance team. When someone fails, everyone fails. Sometimes it is someone else, and sometimes it is you. You will give the compassion that you hope to receive.
  • Dance teaches you to be healthy
    • You soon learn how excess calories make you sluggish. You learn which foods will have long-lasting effects and which give you a short burst of energy. You will learn to let the foods you enjoy work with your system to make you feel good and remain healthy.
  • Dance opens your senses
    • You will learn to become one with music. You don’t just hear the music, you live the music. Your mind drills down and you hear the beat, the pitch, and rhythm. You will learn to hear music as a musician does. This will bleed into the other senses. You will see more, feel more, love deeper, and fight harder. Your senses come alive. This is a level of growth only a few ever reach.

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Getting Started

Do some research, and visit a few studios and determine what kind of dance you want to learn. Ask for the background of the instructor. Is this a “just for fun” group or will you compete? Finally, how long will the classes last and how much does it cost?

Your Gear

You will need dance gear. This includes a dance bag and dance shoes. Most studios allow you to wear what dancers want to wear. This means, tights, leotards, and a wrap-around skirt. You will need leg warmers, and warm-up or cool-down clothes. That can be an oversized flannel shirt, dance jacket, or a hoodie.


Other items you will keep in your dance bag include:

  • Hairbrush and elastic bands
  • Hair spray
  • Deodorant
  • Water bottle
  • Protein bars
  • Hard candy for a quick burst of energy
  • Cell phone emergency pack

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Be Honest With Yourself

Not everyone who takes dance wants to grow as a person. Maybe you just want to lose a few pounds and having something fun to do with your friends once a week. That’s cool. Take Hip Hop, Zumba, or Jazz dance. You will accomplish your goals and have a good time doing it. As long as you are honest with yourself and understand that you will get out of it, what you put into it, you have no problems.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that dance will make you a better person. It will allow to see yourself differently, There is no room in the life of a dancer for pettiness, jealousy, fear, or giving up. You will want the people you love to see how great you can be. You do not need approval from anyone.

Once you have pulled back the curtain on the soul of a dancer, nothing short of that will do. We encourage you to give it all you have got. If you do, you will reap much more than sew.