How to play monopoly game with playing cards

For a very long-time monopoly has been known as a board game but the recent game that has come forth involves using Bicycle playing cards for the game. It seems odd to hear at first because we’ve always come see it as a board game. So how do we play it? Let’s look into that!

How to play Monopoly Deal

Here a guide to playing monopoly with playing cards.

  1. Setting the game

Each player must be given 10 cards, after being shuffled. 10 cards are taken into the hand and one more card is held face up for each player making the trading pile of each participant. All other cards make the draw pile. You then must choose a player to start the round.

  1. How to play the game

The aim of the game is to collect properties, like in the normal monopoly game and is played in rounds till any one of the players has gained enough points or money for them to win the game. When the turn of one player comes, they can take the following actions:

  • Drawing a card
  • They can trade the cards from another player’s pile of trade cards
  • Or they can lay down their hand in order to put an end to the round

The drawing card option means that the player has chosen to draw a card. As the player has more than 10 cards, he must place one of the cards on their trade pile (the faceup cards pile). After this, or any other action the next player takes the turn and the action movement is clockwise.

If the player chooses trade card, then he can trade the cards up to the number of cards in their trade pile. The player can add one card to the trade pile from their hand, before making a trade. During the trade, the player gives the number of cards he wants to trade and then take that number of cards from the other player’s trade pile. The player who has to trade does not have the option of denying the trade.

Laying down their hand option can only be chosen if they haven’t performed some other actions and if they meet the set requirements. For it to be applicable, the player must have all cards of a set color or use wild cards in case of missing cards. If the player has hotel or house cards, they should be playable. Finally, chance, tokens and Mr. Monopoly cards will not be needing other cards to be valid.  If these conditions are met, the player can lay down their hand.

  1. Round scoring

The round ends when the player lays down their hand. Players have to follow the fixed rules for scoring points set for the game. The player who lays down their hand can draw the, from the pile, the top five cards and have the option of adding any cards that will provide them a better score.

  1. Ending the game

The game comes to an end after a round when either one or more players are successful in earning $10,000 or more. The player with the most money wins the game!