How to target more returns with less risk in business?

If you are striving for higher returns with less or almost no risk and increased chances of growth, following mentioned worthwhile investments can help you:

1- Dividend stocks

There are different companies that deal in dividend based stocks. Stocks that pay annual dividends customarily referred to as the risk-free type of investments. Dividend stocks are favorable for the investors as they have the advantage of being free from all the types of risks.

They let you have capital profits, and your principle value remains the same. One thing to know about dividend stocks is that they may fall in the short run category when the company calls them back. But still, they have good investment returns.


2- P2P lending

P2P lending is called peer to peer lending. It is also a safe kind of investment available for the investors and is in trend for the past few years. It is one of the investment opportunities based on personal loan schemes.

These investments provided to people like personal loans which they can use for various purposes. The process in P2P lending streamlined where an expected borrower files a loan application being anonymous and the investor grants him loan by adding the amount to his investment portfolio. This type of investment holds no risks.


3- Preferred stock

Preferred stocks are the types of stocks which enjoy dividend before any other kind of shares. These stocks are available in a tight range for trade. They have a regular dividend rate, and they pay higher returns even more than the equity. The best thing about preferred stock is that a company can never skip paying dividends to the preferred stockholders. These are the low risk with high return investments.


4- Annuities

Annuities are financial instruments that have high return with almost no risks associated with them. They are a bit complex but sophisticated tools of investment suitable for all the types of investors. The return and principal payments for annuities made as per the pre-determined annuity contract.

Other than these basics, there are several different investment options too.