What are sticks on WhatsApp and why they have disabled shortcut for stickers on iOS

Recently, early this month, WhatsApp finally introduced the much awaited sticker options in app with a recent update. There is a specific category in the app for these stickers and people can search the stickers’ option from the emoji tab. Among many other options, there will be a sticker icon which enables the users to send stickers with just a single tab.

For over a month people were using and enjoying the sticker options on Android over their smart phones as well as on iOS over their iPhones. But there was a big problem in the recently launched new sticker options felt by the users which led some further problems for the iPhone users.

Problem felt by the users

In the other rival messaging apps, there are some fun sticker options for the users which can be downloaded directly from the app and in the app they will be merged. But in case of WhatsApp, the users were forced to get their favorite stickers downloaded separately from the app stores and not from the in app store. If any user wants to enlarge the collection of his stickers, he can only do it by downloading the separate sticker apps in their cell phones. People loved the idea of stickers but this was the problem they have faced after getting this update and felt it as a drawback of WhatsApp sticker option.

In order to ease up this process, WhatsApp then linked all the collection of the stickers in one app so the users may get the required stickers from a single place. But soon after this change, it was noticed that WhatsApp disabled this option altogether.

Why iOS disabled the sticker option

As WhatsApp stickers must be downloaded from the separate sticker apps from the app store, this was anticipated that soon the app store would be populated with thousands of these sticker apps for WhatsApp. This is the reason why Apple disabled the feature and removed these sticker apps from its app store. Apple showed that they are not a big fan of this cluster of apps just for one option, so they gradually removed all these individual apps from their app store. This may be the reason why WhatsApp disabled the link altogether.

If you search for the WhatsApp stickers in your App store, you will definitely find a few options now as many apps are already being removed from the app store. And we know that Apple is not going to accept several sticker apps for WhatsApp stickers or changing anything then clearly WhatsApp is left with only one option to work on. And this option is creating an in-app sticker store for its users just like the rivals messaging apps and their in app sticker stores. As the users liked this new feature of sticker option, they will be definitely looking forward for any such update from WhatsApp. WhatsApp is a loved messaging app among the users and we hope it will work on any such solution to make its users happy again.