What is dental numbing and important things about it

Dental surgeries can be painful. Pulling out an infected tooth or wisdom tooth removal or root canal, they are carried out under special procedures with the numbing of the infected area. The special treatment that is a must is giving anesthesia in dental processes. It is an initial and important part of dental surgeries. Anesthesia is used to lower the risk of painful surgery. In dentistry, anesthesia has been used for ages and has given successful results.

What is anesthesia?

Anesthesia is the numbing of the infected area where the dentists carry out the procedure. Novocain is one of the best types of dental anesthesia used widely all over the world. It gives relief to the patient for not feeling any pain. You will be in senses without feeling any sensation. It stops the brain to send the signals of pain. This is how an hourly operation is done comfortably by the dentist without giving any risk of anxiousness to the patient.

Importance of anesthesia

Anesthesia has been a dental friend for ages. The doctor uses a syringe to inject anesthesia in the form of a Novocain drug. With the advancement of technology, vibrators are also used if someone has a fear of needles. Anesthesia is used to ease the pain and make the process quick as it benefits both the parties.

Anesthesia helps to overcome the fear of the patient who cannot bear the pain. It makes it easy for the doctor to operate without any hurdle or disturbance during the surgery

It will easy the procedure and save the time of both patient and doctor. After a few minutes, the drug will numb the area and you will feel not feel anything touching that area.  The patient will feel dizzy after the effect of anesthesia. It will take some time for the drug to wear off.

You will be awake; it doesn’t make you fell asleep.

After-effects of novocaine and how long does it last

They don’t last for long but will last for 24hours you will feel the numbness. You can even ask the doctor to increase the time of numbness by adding another drug with Novocain. It will take longer than usual to wear off the anesthesia. As time is up so are the after-effects of anesthesia. They will slowly and gradually vanish and you will no longer feel dizzy with healthy sets of teeth. It lowers the risk of any mishap, the doctor is at ease if the patient is relaxed.


The patient will feel dizzy after anesthesia. They won’t feel any pain but a little tickling sensation will be there on the infected area. The effect of numbness will wear off after a few hours. You will have to take liquid food. Avoid any solid food as it will not be easy for you to chew. Taking ice creams will soothe the pain. The question is how long does the numbing last? It’s simple and easy. It will last for 30 to 60 minutes maximum. But the diet should not be ignored as any particle can sill irritate and stuck in your operated dental area.