What is difference between black latte and other types of coffee

Whenever you go to coffee shop and you have no information about the different types of coffee then you always get embarrassed by asking what is the difference between this and that and this is the basic reason, why most of the people avoid to go to coffee shop. In this article all those question will be answered that what is black latte and how it is differ from other types i.e from the other Italian types and Australian types.

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Introduction: black latte is the most common form of coffee. It is an exotic coffee that has been served in many coffee shop of different countries  as a most favrouble and lightest coffee. But commonly, it is slimming agent and most oftenly used by obese people to loss their weight.

Big differences from other types of coffee:

  • Firstly, black latte contain 100% natural ingredient while the other types of coffee contain other manufactured products of industries
  • Secondly, it is used for weight loss by obese people while, other types of coffee play important role in gaining weight.
  • Thirdly, it can also be used as product for different purposes other than as lightest coffee but other form cannot be used so.

Different from Italian coffee types:

  • Mocha: Named after the type of coffee bean that is used to make its brew. It is latte with a few extras like chocolate powder or syrup is added and make it more bigger and sweeter than any other type of coffee and more than stronger than other latte with dark chocolate layers.
  • Cappuccino: it is one of the most popular form of coffee. It has multi layers and give different taste and texture. The first layer is made up of expresso, the second layer is made up of steamed milk while the third outmost layer is made up of foamy milk which make it easy to drink. People often drink it in early morning.
  • Vienna: Vienna contain strong caffeine and as well some sweet thus it is perfect option for caffeine and sweet lover. It is made up of two shots of expresso+ whipped cream+ traditional milk and sugar topped often with chocolate. Vienna is good option for weather conscious people.

Different from Australian coffee:

  • Flat white: It is oftenly confused with latte because of its similar composition ratio and ingredients. It is made up of expresso shot and milk and the only difference is in milk, In latte foamy milk is used while in flat uses white smoother milk which give it smoothly texture.
  • Long black: it is one of the bigger coffee hit you can get it is made of hot water and tow shots of expresso and is favoured by those who like high sugar and high caffeine coffee.

Conclusion: black latte is differ from all other types of coffee both in taste texture and composition. And it is also different in use because it is used to loss weight while others are not.