What Time of the Day is best for Wedding Photography?

For good photography, the lighting plays a very important part. The weather, setting, location, and the specific time of the day all matter, especially when it comes to wedding photography. Although many might hold the view that the time of the day pictures are taken at do not matter as much, but on the contrary, it plays a very essential role. There is indeed a specific time to take pictures, to get the best possible photography experience.

The best time to capture the most important and memorable day in your life must be carefully thought out beforehand, so you can click some great pictures. The best time to shoot your wedding photography shoot is an hour or two before the sun is about to set. This time period is specifically known as the ‘golden hour’ of the day. In between these few hours, the sunlight is at its softest, creating an open and pleasing aesthetic which is free from the harsh rays of the sun and its shadows.

The time period of the golden hour depends on the location you’re at and the time of the year it is. In an open area, such as a beach, the golden hour will last for a longer period of time in comparison to that in a busy and bustling city. Likewise, during the winter the golden hour lasts for a small period of time in comparison to the summer. So during the winter shooting two hours before the sunset would be ideal, whereas, during the summer shooting an hour before the sunset would also be fine.

If the time period during the golden hour is not working according to your schedule then fret not, as you can still get the perfect wedding photographs. During midday, the sunlight tends to be strong and harsh which may form unforgiving shadows, squinty eyes and shiny skin in your photographs. The secret to avoid all of this and still take photographs during the day time is to make use of shade or shaded areas. Shade creates a softer and less harsh light, despite the time of the day. Since all of this information may be confusing to grasp at once. It is always a good idea to discuss all of this with your wedding photographer before finalizing the time and appointment of your wedding photography session.

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