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Are There Skunks in the Woods?
Our Price: $2.00

Are There Skunks in the Woods (or is it the season of the Willow? Newsletter features the harvesting of late winter/early spring bark as the sap is rising.

Newsletter #02 Are There Skunks in the Woods (or is it the season of the Willow? Article includes recipe for Willow Bark Salve.

Second issue of From The Forest Newsletters. March/April 2001.

Article on Folk Ways with Dandelion Greens. Aside from the traditional Dandelion Greens, recipes include: Warm Camembert Croutes with Dandelion Greens and Red Currents and Dandelion Green Fettuccini.

Recommended Herbal Websites.

Herb of the Month: The Amazing Horsetail.

Time to Harvest Arrowleaf Balsamroot.

Herbalist's Bill of Rights
Our Price: $2.00

The discord between medical doctors and herbalists for the past 3000 years is entangled with issues of religion, money, power, and ignorance. Since medical practitioners seem to have ‘the law’ on their side, this discourse has created numerous legal problems for those who practice alternative healing.

Newsletter #8

* Herbalist Bill of Rights
* Prima Facie Evidence of Practicing Medicine without a License
* Licensing of Non-Physician Health Care Providers
* Use of the Title "Dr."
* Excerpt from Forthcoming Book, Healing Plants of The Rocky Mountains

Poison Ivy
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Poison Ivy is the single most common cause of allergic reactions in the United States. Each year 10 to 50 million Americans develop an allergic rash after contact with these poisonous plants. About 85 percent of all people will develop an allergic reaction when adequately exposed to Poison Ivy. You weren’t born with a sensitivity to Poison Ivy. Sensitivity develops after the first direct skin contact with the oil urushiol.

Newsletter #9

* Everything you need to know (and a few things that you do not) About.........Poison Ivy
* Contact with Urushiol Can Occur in Three Ways
* If You Think You Have Come in Contact with Poison Ivy or Poison Oak, Follow These Steps
* Common Myths about Poison Ivy
* The Positive Side of Poison Ivy
* Herbal Treatments for Poison Ivy
* The Estimated Lifespan (in years) of Some Plants ~ Chart
* Large-Leaved Avens Monograph
* How Winter Changes Into Spring
* It’s Time To Harvest Thimbleberry

Flower Essences
Our Price: $2.00

3 page, two-sided herbal newsletter

When people first hear of flower essences, they often think of aromatherapy, which uses fragrant essential oils from flowers. But flower remedies are different from aromatherapy.

Newsletter #10

* Theories of Plant Therapies ~ Flower Essences ~
* A Study of the Growing World of Alternative
* Making and Using Flower Remedies

* Using the Sun Method

* Time To Harvest Alumroot

* Book Review,
Sacred Plant Medicine" Practice of Native American Herbalism by Stephen Harrod Bohner

Are You Being Bugged?
Our Price: $2.00

3 page, two-sided herbal newsletter.

Main Topics Include: Are You Being Bugged? Information on Parasites.

September/October 2002

Newsletter covers various symptoms and types of parasite infestations. Plus a detailed Parasite Cleansing Program.

Featured Herb: Black Walnut (Juglans nigra). Aside from instructions on using Green Black Walnut Hulls for parasite control, the monograph includes a recipe for
Black Walnut Salve.

Article: Late summer herbal recipes. Recipes include St John's Wort Salve, Life Everlasting Soap (for dry skin), and
Spreading Dogbane Shampoo.

Book Review: The Parasite Menace by Dr. Skye Weintraub.

Time To Harvest: Elderberries including recipes for Elderberry Syrup.

West Nile Virus
Our Price: $2.00

West Nile fever is a mild viral illness transmitted by mosquitoes that cause fever, rashes and muscle and joint aches. Treatment includes re-hydration and full and rapid recovery is expected. A second exposure to the disease can result in Dengue hemorrhagic fever, a more serious illness. Re-hydration is necessary if dehydration is evident. The high fever can be treated with yarrow tea (avoid willow and other herbs containing salicins). Full recovery is expected with Dengue hemorrhagic fever. Complications include high fever, convulsions and severe dehydration. West Nile Virus is very similar, but not as serious as, St. Louis encephalitis.

Newsletter #12

* West Nile Virus
* Human St. Louis Encephalitis Cases by State 1964-98
* Treatment
* The Real Scare
* The most common pesticides found in commercial ‘bug sprays’
* Symptoms of Pesticide Poisoning
* Ways to reduce Rise of Mosquito Bites
* Time to Harvest Cascara Sagrada

Alzheimer's Disease
Our Price: $2.00

3 page, two-sided herbal newsletter.

Alzheimer's Disease is the most common cause of dementia in the elderly an affects at least three to four million people in the United States. It is characterized by a degeneration of nerve terminals in the brain. Neurofibrils (tiny conductive pathways) become tangled, resulting in incorrect messages being transmitted. When this occurs, it affects a person’s memory.

Newsletter #13

* Alzheimer's Disease
* Characteristics of Alzheimer’s Disease
* Ongoing Scientific research
* Lion’s Mane holds Hope
* Treatment of Alzheimer’s Disease
* Risk Factors
* Preventative Actions
* Treatment
* Herbs that have shown to Ease Symptoms
* Time to Harvest Asparagus! What?

From an Herbalists' Viewpoint
Our Price: $2.00

3 page, two-sided herbal newsletter.

While we all have personal reasons for pursuing knowledge of the medicinal power of plants, there are certain things which remain the focus of our interest. With spring rapidly approaching, I feel that this is a good time to reiterate that focus.

Newsletter #14

From an Herbalists’ Viewpoint


Western Wildflowers crossword puzzle

Internet Homework

Instead of Purchasing Bulk Dried Herbs

Straw Bale 101 (10 uses for bales of straw)

Beyond Duct Tape
Our Price: $2.00

3 page, two-sided herbal newsletter.

Current unclassified information reveals that, despite the 1972 Geneva Biological Weapons Convention, at least seventeen countries are known or suspected to have biological weapons programs. Terrorist use of biological weapons could kill many people to create an unparalleled medical, political, and social crisis. Despite the fact that biological weapons have never been used against the United States, we must look beyond ‘duct tape’ and prepare for a new age of terrorism.

Newsletter #15

Beyond Duct Tape

Biological Warfare Medicine Chest

Chart of Diseases & Description

Dispelling Vaccination Myths
Our Price: $2.00

3 page, two-sided herbal newsletter.

Many of you have asked that I provide information on childhood immunization in a newsletter. Childhood immunization has concerned me for many years. I was raised by parents who were opposed to childhood immunization. Neither of my sons had them as children. Four of my six grandchildren have never been immunized.

Newsletter #16

Dispelling Vaccination Myths

Contradictions between medical science & immunization policy

Herbs that boost the immune system

Creating A Regional Herbalist Database